The Design and Model of Bronze Sculptures

Posted by admin on May 23, 2015
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Basically, bronze is the main materials to make coins. Nowadays, bronze is also often used as the basic material for sculpture. This is because bronze has the harder and stronger texture than the pure copper. Besides bronze, you can also use materials that are derived from bronze such as brass. Moreover, the reason people choose bronze sculpture because this is not only artistic, but it is also sold at affordable prices. For you who like bronze sculpture, you can see the collection of Jean-Jacques Porret. You will not regret to have one of his collections.

These days, there are several art galleries that provide bronze sculptures for sale. Before you buy it, it would be better if you look for information related to the aesthetics and ways of making the sculpture. The first step in the making process bronze sculpture is casting. It aims to create a replica of the sculpture from wood or clay. The next process is to coat the sculpture with a lubricant, and then followed with a silicone rubber coating. After the rubber has hardened, the coating can be removed from the replica to create the mold. Furthermore, the mold can be filled with hot wax. Once the wax is cool, the mold is taken, thus leaving the wax statue.

Now, you can put the wax model to the screw device for channeling the bronze liquid, and then the mold is dipped into a ceramic liquid and it is covered by silicon powder to strengthen its texture. Once you get the final prints, bronzes should be heated to the temperature of more than 2,000 C before being poured into the mold. It will harden within 30 minutes. Finally, the ceramic layer will peel off and the sand will be destroyed to reveal the bronze statue in it.

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