4 Tips for Starting an SEO Agency

Posted by sby on August 01, 2019
Advertising & Marketing

No matter where a business is, its owner knows the importance of search engine visibility. While some companies handle their own SEO, most hire agencies to do the heavy lifting. Starting a digital marketing agency is one of the easiest ways to start an online business, with the flexibility to grow as the client base does. Follow these steps to start a profitable agency.

Build a Strategy

While every client has its own needs, the marketer must use a system that’s proven effective, adapting it to suit various situations. With a solid system, the marketer can focus on the most important SEO areas. The search engines’ algorithms change often, and it’s important to remain current. However, the fundamentals of SEO stay largely the same.

Develop Several Case Studies

It’s easier to gain clients when the company has a successful track record. However, case studies take time to build, so it’s important to start as early as is possible. While it’s okay to create new projects, it’s far more effective to offer a trial to a colleague in exchange for their testimonial. A well-crafted case study is better than a sales pitch, as its direct proof is more likely to influence clients’ decisions.

Offer SEO Audits

Free, no-obligation audits are an effective way to build client relationships. These audits analyze sites, study their on- and off-page optimization, and see how competitive the chosen search terms are. SEO audits should be kept as simple as possible, but they must convey certain information.

Create Value Adders

While SEO will, of course, be the agency’s main focus, there are numerous other opportunities to give clients more value. Social media is a crucial component of any online marketing plan, and many agencies offer YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and other profiles that are ready for optimization.

While every client will have their own challenges, these basic steps will serve as a guide in almost every case. Search engine optimization is a tried-and-true strategy, so potential clients will always be looking for guidance. If a marketer wants to develop a business model that involves direct customer interaction, an SEO agency is a great option.

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